Send a shared link of a file/folder via sms with just a few clicks using RingCentral SMS.

This app allows RingCentral customers to quickly and easily send sms with a shared link of a file/folder from within your Box account via SMS.

How to use the RingCentral SMS app in your Box account after you’ve installed the app:

- Right click on your document and select ‘More Actions’
- From the drop down, select “RingCentral SMS”
- Log into RingCentral using your RingCentral account credentials
- On the next screen, enter a phone number you want to send SMS to. You can also select contacts from your RingCentral account. Up to 10 recipients can be added.
- Modify the access type of a file/folder directly from the RingCentral SMS application (optional)
- Add a custom message to be sent along with the shared link (optional)
- Click 'Send SMS' and your file or folder is on its way.

Supported browsers: Chrome: v41+, IE v9+, Mozila Firefox v37+; Safari is not supported.

Customize Options

Web App Integrations  

  • Send via RingCentral SMS: Send a shared link of the file/folder via sms